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Meet the Team


Barbara, Principal Designer

My passions have always been fabrics and art. It's all about the textures for me. I followed up my art degree with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.  Interior Design was the next logical step and I love it. 

I developed a deep appreciation for traditional interiors and classic decorating techniques, but I love playing up by adding different textures and elements. I'm always bending and break the rules. The result is a bright and playful approach to the traditional look that sets me apart.   I bring my passion for design alive in your home. I love what I do and shows in all my design solutions!


Steven, Senior Designer

Steven is a designer with a modern vision, a sense of history, and the confidence to take the unexpected path. Both a trailblazer and a tastemaker, Steven's style is classic, but never predictable.

Steven has been focused more on the commercial side of Interior Design. His years in the restaurant industry made it able for him to hone his craft.  He is a traveller drawing from the many cultures and designers he's found inspiring throughout his journeys. It's likely, that whatever your dream, Steven has had experience in making it happen for you!